Need A Mouthguard?

The thought of receiving a mouthguard for your smile may never have crossed your mind. In fact, you might not even realize that a mouthguard is a commonly suggested accessory in dental care that provides protection to your oral health. Not quite sure if you might need one or why this may come up? Do yourself a favor and consider a few reasons a patient may benefit.

Do You Have A Functional Disorder?

What’s going on with your oral health? Is everything just fine? Did you know that even if your hygiene is consistent and your mouth is free of diseases, you may still experience a function-based disorder? For instance, if you grind your teeth or clench them as the result of involuntary movements, this is called bruxism (and it can cause damage). If you place too much strain on your jaw joints or if they have become harmed in some way, you may be dealing with TMD (TMJ disorder, which may lead to significant damage, as well). If these issues affect you, oral appliance therapy (the use of a custom mouthguard) may offer the treatment you need in order to steer clear of injury and discomfort.

Do You Like To Remain Active?

For patients who spend time keeping themselves in motion, this opens up susceptibility to injuries that can affect oral health. For instance, playing a softball game, running, skiing – anything that includes a high level of activity can result in an unexpected oral trauma as the result of an impact with your mouth. Interested in avoiding damaged teeth and high costs to fix the damage? Wear an athletic mouthguard. Ask for specifics, so we can point you in the right direction.