Is My Child Old Enough For …?

Do you find that even though you are fairly familiar with a variety of dental treatments, your knowledge of pediatric dentistry is somewhat limited? You may not yet know that the reason there are limitations regarding treatment appropriateness (as well as age restrictions for particular procedures) is simply due to your child’s growing smile. In some instances, we cannot perform certain types of dental care until your child is older because his or her jawbone, teeth, and other oral structures are still developing. Let’s explore a couple areas that frequently cause parents some uncertainty.

Teeth Whitening

It is generally suggested that your child waits until the age of around 14 to 16 before receiving teeth whitening. This is because your child’s teeth are continuing to develop, while pulp (the tissue that lines the inside of the tooth) continues to form. Once the tooth is fully developed, the chance of experiencing sensitivity greatly decreases. Remember that pediatric dentistry addresses the needs of patients from infants to 18-year-olds, so we can monitor your child all the way up through candidacy for most treatments.

Dental Implants

If your child is missing a tooth that requires full replacement, dental implants may eventually offer a wonderful solution. However, a person’s jawbone continues to grow and form until late teens or early adulthood. Within the world of pediatric dentistry, the limitation for implants generally lands around the age of 18. In some instances, growth continues beyond 18. We will monitor your child’s development with a plan in place, while giving your son or daughter an alternative option for replacement until that day arrives. Call us to schedule a visit, so we may complete your child’s smile and answer any questions you may have.