Gum Disease: The Redness Factor

When it comes to identifying gum disease, you will find that it’s not always a simple thing to do. In fact, this is why we suggest that you are incredibly consistent with your dental checkups – and spacing them out every six months. In addition to monitoring you for other oral health concerns during checkups, we seek out signs that your gums are inflamed (signs that you may not be able to recognize on your own). As for those symptoms that let you know it’s time to call us up for an urgent visit, keep in mind that redness is something to look out for. Allow us to explain a bit more.

Bright Red Gums

Take a look at your gums in the mirror. They should reflect like a light pink shade. What you shouldn’t see if your gums are healthy is a puffy appearance, a purple shade, or a bright red shade. When gum disease occurs, your gum tissue becomes inflamed and may become infected. As you know, redness often accompanies inflammation and infection. Call us to set up an appointment when redness occurs – the sooner we see you, the sooner we can address the problem.

Red In The Sink

If you’re seeing red in the sink as you brush your teeth, take a moment to look at your smile. Also, get into the habit of looking at your smile in the mirror while you brush and floss. You will then be able to determine whether your gums are bleeding. If they are, contact us. While it does not necessarily mean you are suffering from gingivitis or a more advanced form of gum disease, it’s a pretty strong sign that you are. Allow us to examine your gums to find out what’s happening, so you can enjoy restored gum health.