Dental Hygiene: 3 Reasons You’re Having Problems

It can become increasingly frustrating to brush and floss your teeth every day only to be met with dissatisfying results. You are putting in the time and dedication but you’re not getting the expected payoff. Patients are often surprised to learn about some unexpected factors that may cause dental hygiene efforts to fall a bit flat. Allow us to offer a bit of enlightenment.

Reason #1: You Need Some Tips

It’s entirely possible that you are missing a few important guidelines regarding your dental hygiene. From using the wrong brush to the wrong toothpaste, not knowing how long to brush, or using the wrong amount of force, you can end up with a smile that is not clean and healthy like you expect. Allow us to demonstrate best practices – it will make a significant impact.

Reason #2: Your Teeth Are Misaligned

If your teeth are crowded, spaced, or otherwise, you may have some serious trouble getting them clean. Either you cannot reach all surfaces or spaces tend to harbor difficult-to-remove debris. Speak with us about how orthodontic care can promote easier dental hygiene!

Reason #3: You’re Not Receiving Dental Cleanings

You may think that you should be able to keep your smile completely clean on your own with dental hygiene at home. While this is a major part of maintaining a clean smile, this solitary approach can backfire. Unavoidably, some amount of tartar (hardened plaque) will form on your teeth. The only option for removal is a professional dental cleaning. If you skip your cleanings, you will be brushing and brushing – and flossing and flossing – but you will not be able to achieve completely clean teeth.