4 Dental Hygiene Habits To Change

How are your dental hygiene habits holding up? Do you feel like you put forth your best daily efforts in protecting your oral health? Or, do you feel like you tend to do a quick brushing, drop your toothbrush where it’s convenient, and hope for the best? Whether you’re trying quite hard or have become somewhat lax, there are some habits that can trip up just about any patient. Learn more about some habits to alter a bit, so you feel certain you’re making the most of your time with your brush and floss.

#1: Don’t Let The Brushes Touch

Do you place your brush into a cup after you use it? Do your spouse and child put their brushes in there, too? As important as it is to avoid using one another’s toothbrushes, it is equally important to keep them separate (so you don’t share germs).

#2: Pay Attention To Time

If the brushing portion of your dental hygiene routine lasts for any fewer than two full minutes, you’re not brushing long enough. Set a timer, buy an hourglass – just make sure the brushing lasts long enough, so it’s effective.

#3: Stop Skipping Tongue Brushing

Your dental hygiene session needs to include not only your teeth and gums – but you need to clean your tongue, too. Whether you use a toothbrush or scraper is your choice!

#4: Embrace Flossing

You have so many options when it comes to dental floss. A variety of flavors and textures – and even the option to use a water flosser – means that where there’s a will, there’s a way to add flossing to your dental hygiene sessions.