3 Ways To Deal With Sugar Cravings

As you know, it’s best to avoid sugar because it can lead to oral health damage, such as tooth decay. However, if you’re someone who loves sweet snacks, you may find yourself grappling with a tough decision. Give up sugar altogether? Or, give into your need for dessert? Fortunately, we are prepared to offer you a few helpful suggestions that will assist in protecting your smile, while you still get to enjoy those little delicacies that make you smile.

Suggestion #1: Try Sugarless Gum

If it’s just the sensation of enjoying something sweet that you’re after, you may give sugarless chewing gum a try. It’s quite sweet and enjoyable and is also wonderful at protecting your oral health. In addition to acting as a bit of a toothbrush by removing plaque and pulling away particles of food left behind by eating – it will promote salivation. Saliva naturally rinses over teeth and other tissues to dislodge bacteria.

Suggestion #2: Schedule Your Desserts

We don’t literally suggest that you pencil your dessert into your daily schedule. However, protecting your oral health is easier if you indulge in sugar as isolated events, rather than grazing on it. This will keep your teeth from an extended exposure to sugar – and will give you the chance to clean it off of your teeth.

Suggestion #3: Clean Your Teeth Afterwards

About cleaning sugar from your smile – it’s simple. If you eat a snack or something quite sugary, you can adhere to the following to minimize the negative effects:

  1. Drink water or wash your mouth out with water after you are done eating.
  2. Wait around 30 minutes without eating or drinking anything but water.
  3. Brush your teeth after 30 minutes is up.