2 Tips For Teens With Braces

Does your teenager have braces? Perhaps you have just begun a journey into orthodontic care for your teen, so you are doing your best to prepare to make the experience a positive one. Whatever the case, we encourage you to consider a few helpful tips that will make the entire process much easier on your son or daughter. By paying attention to our instructions for dental hygiene – and a couple helpful suggestions – you can put your focus on that straighter, lovely smile that rests on the horizon.

Tip #1: Give Your Teen A Water Flosser

More than any other time, it is extremely important that your child remain diligent with dental hygiene. Braces can make flossing more difficult – and flossing is very important because there are more places for plaque and food to hide now! If you would like to make this experience an easier one, skip the traditional floss and purchase a water flosser for your teen. It is a comfortable and easy way to “floss” between teeth and around brackets and wires.

Tip #2: Set Up An Hourglass

About that ever-important dental hygiene: In addition to flossing, it’s essential that your teen brushes twice daily for the entire suggested brushing time. That’s a session of two minutes (twice a day) for your child and for yourself. To make sure your child isn’t just estimating, you may wish to set up a little 2-minute hourglass in the bathroom for an easy way to track minutes. (It might even be a good idea for you, too!).