Month: May 2016

Veneers: 2 Things To Establish First

Given the option to completely transform the way your smile looks with porcelain veneers, many patients would say, “Why, sure!” That is, even if said patients’ smiles already looked quite lovely. As you will notice, it is quite easy to become swept off your feet with the long list of benefits offered by veneers. However,… Read more »

2 Tips For Teens With Braces

Does your teenager have braces? Perhaps you have just begun a journey into orthodontic care for your teen, so you are doing your best to prepare to make the experience a positive one. Whatever the case, we encourage you to consider a few helpful tips that will make the entire process much easier on your… Read more »

Preventive Care During Pregnancy

You may find that everything you thought you knew about taking care of your oral health suddenly seems meant for someone else when you become pregnant. For instance, is it still safe to receive dental care, you may wonder? Are you supposed to keep caring for your smile the same way or are there special… Read more »

4 Dental Hygiene Habits To Change

How are your dental hygiene habits holding up? Do you feel like you put forth your best daily efforts in protecting your oral health? Or, do you feel like you tend to do a quick brushing, drop your toothbrush where it’s convenient, and hope for the best? Whether you’re trying quite hard or have become… Read more »

Polyphonic Spree Performance

Have you been hoping to see the Polyphonic Spree play in all their harmonic glory for several years? Perhaps you have seen this native-to-North-Texas band a time or two over the course of its life (which has lasted for 15 years). Whatever the case, get ready to take in a stage full of musicians (and… Read more »

3 Times To Be Gentle

You may assume putting immense power behind your smile cleaning efforts is the best road toward oral health. The bad news in this instance is that going full force into dental hygiene and other areas of caring for your smile will actually backfire, leaving you with damage and discomfort. As a result, we would like to offer you a… Read more »

Oral Health: Share The Joy

Have you been having a pretty good run with your oral health, thanks to remaining on track with your preventive care? Perhaps your efforts have included a culmination of enjoyable trips to see us for cleanings and checkups, as well as time spent streamlining and polishing your dental hygiene choices. If so, you might be itching… Read more »

Quiz: Fingernail Biting (And Why You Should Stop)

If you think that biting your nails is just an esthetic problem that leads to some unsightly fingertips, think again! There are some seriously not-great things that can happen as a result of your daily habit. The good news is that we understand that this is something you may have difficulty addressing – speak with… Read more »

Tooth Loss Q&A

Are you generally unsure about why tooth loss occurs, whether it may happen to you, and what you would do if it did? Rest easy – you’re certainly not the only person who dislikes the idea of open spaces in your smile. You would also not be the first person to experience it. Since the… Read more »

Shrek The Musical

Are you a huge fan of Shrek the movie? Do you and your family love Shrek, Donkey, and the whole crew? If so, you just might want to set aside a little time this week for an amazing live performance that will offer a little friendly nostalgia. What Is The Event? This is a live… Read more »