When Do I Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

You are probably feeling a little unsure about your wisdom teeth right now if you have not had them removed (but you’ve also never been told whether or not they are healthy). You might not even have wisdom teeth at all! Or, you may be concerned about your child’s oral health, wondering if his or her wisdom teeth are on their way in. The good news is that understanding when one might require wisdom tooth removal is quite simple. Allow us to clarify this topic, so you feel prepared.

For Young Patients

For young patients, such as those in their mid teens, we will begin seeking out signs of wisdom teeth development. As your child grows, we will continue to monitor for the growth and development of these third molars with the use of digital X-rays during dental checkups. If we detect a problem (for instance, they are growing on a bad angle), we will suggest wisdom tooth removal.

For Patients Without Erupted Wisdom Teeth

For the most part, wisdom teeth erupt during late teens and early twenties. If you are an adult and you have not yet seen any wisdom teeth, we will thoroughly examine your smile. We may conclude one of a variety of things: Your teeth have developed on an angle, they have partially erupted, they are impacted (have not erupted), or you do not have any. When we determine that they have not successfully erupted, we will suggest their removal.

For Patients With Successfully Erupted Teeth

Let’s say your third molars developed and erupted successfully. We will generally suggest wisdom tooth removal if they are too difficult for you to care for without experiencing oral health problems (like gum inflammation or tooth decay).