What Should I Think About Tongue Changes?

Did you recently notice that your tongue does not look like it usually does? In some instances, a change in the appearance of your tongue can be a warning sign that you’re suffering from an underlying oral health issue. In others, it’s an annoying change but a harmless change nonetheless. Curious about particular symptoms and what you should do? Allow us to enlighten you, so you feel more confident about how to respond.

About Those Changes

In general, your tongue should be a pink color. If you notice that it is changing, this can signal a potential oral health problem (or nothing at all). Or, if texture changes, this can suggest a problem (or no problem!) as well. Let’s examine some possibilities:

  • Your Tongue Looks Red: This may occur due to anything from a vitamin deficiency to an illness.
  • Your Tongue Looks White: In general, this is not dangerous – you likely have too much bacteria on your tongue. However, get this checked out just in case.
  • Your Tongue’s Border Looks Scalloped: That scalloped edge likely means you’re dealing with bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching).
  • Your Tongue Has A Bump: Bumps, lumps, and sores can mean something is wrong or that absolutely nothing is wrong. If the area does not heal within 48 hours, contact us.

The Ultimate Answer

If you notice any change with your oral health, whether it’s the color of your tongue, a new sensation that catches you off guard, the way your teeth or gums feel, a bump, or anything else – call us. By scheduling a visit with us, you provide yourself with access to an almost immediate diagnosis. If a disease is occurring, you will then be provided with treatment right away, rather than after the issue has already led to any serious side effects or damage.