Questions To Ask About Teeth Whitening

You may know that your goal is to receive teeth whitening for a brighter looking smile. You may even be certain that you are prepared for cosmetic dentistry because you have been keeping up with your oral health, so you are not in need of any restorative care. However, you may still have some particular questions about erasing stains from your smile that you’re itching to have answered. Remember to bring these up during your next visit. Curious about what patients tend to ask? Allow us to offer up some examples.

“Do I have any options other than teeth whitening?”

Fortunately, you do have options. If you find that you are not a great fit for traditional teeth whitening, your needs may be met with the use of other cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental bonding or porcelain veneers. Our goal is always to help you.

“What if I want to accomplish more than just a whiter smile?”

If you are interested in a whiter smile – but there are also some additional concerns you want to address – let us know right away. This may affect your treatment plan. For some, this may mean creating a plan that includes a combination of treatments. For others, it may mean we suggest veneers in place of traditional teeth whitening.

“How long will my smile remain white after treatment?

There is no one universal answer to this question. Your teeth may remain much brighter for a year or up to several years after you receive teeth whitening. Fortunately, you can prolong the esthetic benefits by providing your smile with the best care possible as a means of preventing stains.