Q&A: ADA Seal Of Acceptance

Do you consistently read and hear that you should check out the package of the product you’re purchasing for your dental hygiene to make sure it boasts the ADA Seal of Acceptance? If you were curious about whether or not this is a legitimate claim, in fact it is! However, you may also wonder how much weight to give the seal, what on earth it has to do with your product, and more. As a result, we are happy to offer a quick, friendly Q&A session to answer those questions burning so brightly in the back of your mind.

Questions and Answers: ADA Acceptance

Question: What does the ADA Seal of Acceptance stand for exactly?

Answer: This means that the American Dental Association has examined and tested the product in question (such as toothpaste or a toothbrush) to see if it stands up to their standards for daily use and effective care for your oral health.

Question: How will I know if the Seal of Acceptance is real or counterfeit?

Answer: Just in case there is any question about the seal that you have located on your dental hygiene product, you can verify that it is genuine by seeking out the accompanying statement. When the seal is present, you will also find commentary regarding why the ADA accepted that particular product.

Question: Does it really matter if I choose something that does or does not display the seal?

Answer: While it’s possible to buy a dental hygiene product without a seal that will be effective, you’re purchasing it at your own risk. Choosing products with the seal ensures that you can rely on the both the safety of the product and its ability to provide you with the benefits you seek.