Gum Disease Symptoms Or Not?

Particularly for our patients who pay close attention to their teeth and gums, a sudden change can be quite alarming. When it comes to gum disease, you may find yourself unsure about symptoms that you notice in the mirror. For instance, if you see a bit of bleeding when you brush – is it gingivitis or something else? Remember, the only way to know for certain whether the abnormality is benign or a sign of a problem like periodontal disease is to schedule a checkup with us. To help you get a leg-up on understanding what’s what in the world of symptoms, however, take in a few helpful details.

Bleeding Gums

Are your gums bleeding when you brush or floss? If you’re noticing this in more than one area of your smile, it’s possible this is a symptom of gum disease – contact us immediately to schedule an appointment. However, remember that if you bite into sharp food (such as a chip) and cut your gum tissue, brushing that area may lead to a tiny bit of bleeding if it has not yet healed.

Puffy Gums

Have your gums always looked somewhat puffy? If this is nothing out of the ordinary, you may simply have excess gum tissue, which we can improve esthetically with the use of gum contouring. However, if your gums look inflamed compared to their usual appearance, you may be dealing with gum disease and may require periodontal therapy.

Gum Color Change

What color are your gums usually? For the most part, healthy gum tissue has a pale pink color. While the hue is not necessarily identical from one patient to the next, you should certainly call us if your gums appear bright red, purple, or if their color is simply out of the ordinary.