Floss Choices: Adventures In Dental Hygiene

Do you feel like your trek down the dental hygiene aisle is something that you avoid at all costs? What seems to be the problem? Is it the fact that you have the best of intentions to grab any dental floss that should work just fine – but you end up overwhelmed with choices (and underwhelmed with your decision making abilities)? Don’t worry. You’re not the first person who has ever spent a frustrating amount of time on this simple task. We are here to offer some helpful advice, so choosing floss is nice and easy to accomplish.

First, Think About Flavor

Ask yourself what you do and do not like – and what you can and cannot tolerate – when it comes to flavor. This will help you make your selection in the dental hygiene aisle. You know that you will likely be faced with varieties of cinnamon or mint, and that unflavored may or may not be an option. Choosing something that you cannot stomach will cause you to dislike flossing, which is not good for your oral health. Enjoying the flavor is extremely beneficial.

Next, Visualize Your Smile

Think about your smile, the way your teeth are arranged, any issues you may face when flossing, and then consider the following dental hygiene suggestions:

  • Waxed Floss: This is helpful if your teeth are crowded.
  • Unwaxed Floss: This is fine for most teeth, except for those that are close together. Try both – it’s all about preference.
  • Satin, Sensitive, Soft, or Wide Floss: These are all geared toward sensitive gums.
  • Super Floss: Seeing floss that looks puffy or foamy? This is often used to clean around restorations like dental implants.