Cosmetic Dentistry: Why You Need A Consultation

Are you curious about why we suggest you schedule a consultation with us when you are interested in receiving cosmetic dentistry? You may wonder why you cannot simply call us up, let us know you would like to schedule teeth whitening, and then show up for your transformation. When it comes to making sure we help you achieve the esthetic goals you want (while protecting the health of your smile), it’s important that we first have time to sit down with you for a bit. Give us a few moments of your time to further explain this necessity.

So We Can Look At Your Smile

We need to see your smile before you sign up for cosmetic dentistry no matter what. Even if you report to us over the phone that whitening is certainly for you and that your smile is 100 percent healthy, we require a consultation to seek out things you might be overlooking just to be safe (and so you do not waste your time).

So We Can Explain Your Options

Maybe you don’t need teeth whitening but you just need bonding. Perhaps you didn’t realize porcelain veneers were an option. By coming in for a cosmetic care consultation, you can learn all about your options, streamline your plan for a more beautiful smile, and ask us all of the questions you’ve been thinking about along your journey. (Don’t worry, we love answering questions!).

So Your Treatment Plan Is Your Own

Believe it or not, cosmetic dentistry is a very personalized area of treatment. What works for one person may not work for another. There are slight nuances to different care plans that make it possible to guide you toward your best smile. This plan, of course, we will create during your consultation.