Cleaner Smiles Are Less Costly

When it comes to costs associated with your dental care, there are multiple factors to consider. First, you may wish to save as much time as possible. As a result, your instinct may be to avoid brushing your teeth occasionally and you may skip a flossing session or two. What you may not immediately recognize, however, is that focusing on preventive care is actually the least costly option, whether you’re concentrating on time, effort, or money spent – give us a minute of your time so we may explain why.

Prevention Is Actually Simple

When you focus on preventive care, you may feel like you’re putting out a lot of effort. Let’s break this down – it is actually the least amount of effort required of all options. You will need to brush a total of four minutes a day (two minutes per session), spend an additional couple minutes flossing, and we need to see you only two times every year for preventive visits.

Avoiding Prevention Is Costly

Avoiding preventive care will yield the following: You will still need exams and cleanings. You will also still need to brush and floss. In addition, you will likely experience problems like gingivitis or tooth decay, which will require additional visits, costly restorative treatments that take more time out of your day, and you may need to spend time dealing with restorative treatments or recovery at home. Keeping your smile clean and healthy means you can avoid putting out extra effort, spending extra time in our chair, and spending extra money. Ready to schedule an exam and cleaning? Contact us!