Brushing Questions: Lightning Round

What to do when you have some simple questions about your dental hygiene sessions but you are pretty unhappy with the variety of answers you find online? Skip the Internet search and ask us, of course! By seeking out other not-so-certain sources for oral health questions, you may find yourself feeling more confused, rather than resolved. Fortunately, we are ready to offer some quick responses to common questions about brushing your teeth. If you are still seeking some answers, let us know the next time you visit us.

Brushing Q&A

Question: How often should I brush my teeth?

Answer: You should brush your teeth two times a day – do this every single day. We suggest you brush in the morning. Then, brush your teeth and gumline again at night.

Question: How long should I brush my teeth when I brush?

Answer: Every brushing session should last around two minutes for effective dental hygiene. You may wish to set a timer.

Question: How hard should I press when I brush?

Answer: Good dental hygiene simply requires you to press very gently – don’t use force or you may damage or irritate your smile.

Question: What parts of my smile should I brush?

Answer: Your hygiene session relies on you brushing all of the surfaces of all of your teeth. This includes your tooth tissue along your gumline, too.

Question: In short, what type of toothbrush should I buy for my dental hygiene?

Answer: Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles, that looks like it will be easy to move throughout your entire mouth, and that has been accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).