All About Your Whiter Smile

You see the OTC products in the store all the time – they promise to dramatically whiten your smile, so you feel a million times more confident about your grin. However, you know from speaking with us that it’s best to steer clear of these products because they can damage your teeth without providing the results you’re after. So, what’s a patient to do? You may be surprised by the fact that we offer multiple options, including professional teeth whitening. Even better? We can help you keep your smile vibrant.

How To Get A Whiter Smile

When you’re looking for a white smile, all it takes is calling us up to schedule a visit. We will inspect your smile, discussing with you the type of discoloration affecting your teeth and the appropriate treatments that match up with your needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the ways we can improve your grin’s vibrancy:

  • Dental bonding is a simple procedure during which we can cover problems (like individual stains) with customized composite
  • Teeth whitening relies on the use of a bleaching product that will whiten your teeth, while protecting them from damage or sensitivity
  • Porcelain veneers are ultra-slim shells made of porcelain that we will use to camouflage the visible part of your teeth, so your smile looks nearly brand new

How To Keep That Whiter Smile

Fortunately, after you receive teeth whitening or any other cosmetic treatment to whiten your smile, you can keep it looking bright and lovely by adhering to simple guidelines. Keep up with the preventive care suggestions we always recommend for healthy teeth (twice daily brushing, once daily flossing, twice annual visits with us). Of course, protecting yourself from new stains is easy by either avoiding staining foods or rinsing them off of your teeth with water after you eat them (followed by a brushing session a half hour later).