2 Good Things That Happen When You Drink Water

You know in a very general way that water is “good” and that drinks and foods with sugar in them are “bad.” But have you ever taken much time to figure out why water is considered beneficial for your oral health? Are you quite sure of the things it is doing – or just the fact that it is not leaving your smile soaked in acids and sugars? We encourage you to take a closer look at couple positive things that happens when you sip on H20. You may even feel compelled to drink it more often.

#1: You Push Away Particles

Imagine you’re standing in a deep, dry riverbed and suddenly the entire river arrives, rushing toward you. Unless you move out of the way with great speed, you probably have a good idea of how the story ends. Water is extremely powerful. Fortunately, it has the capacity to rinse all manner of plaque, bacteria, and food particles from your oral surfaces. This helps you keep those tissues nice and clean and healthy, so you can avoid oral health problems like gingivitis.

#2: Your Breath Becomes Fresher

First, you will note that drinking water can help you enjoy better oral health and fresher breath because it physically removes bacteria from your mouth (they don’t give off very nice odors). It’s important to think of hydration from another angle, however, when it comes to fresh breath. When you drink water, you keep all of the tissues in your body nice and hydrated. Keeping your mouth hydrated helps you regulate the growth of bacteria on your smile. A moist mouth is one that consistently rinses itself, so bacteria stay in check and your breath remains approachable.