Month: April 2016

Toothpaste Quiz: True Or False?

Do you know what’s what in the world of toothpaste? When it comes to paying close attention to the dental hygiene products you purchase, this may be one of the last things on your mind on a daily basis. As a result, standing in front of boxes and boxes of different toothpaste options can leave… Read more »

What To Do About Enamel Erosion?

Have you long assumed that your surprisingly durable teeth are able to withstand just about anything? While enamel is very resilient, it is not perfect. It can stand up to immense pressure and undergo the negative effects of bacteria for just so long until it begins to wear down under the pressure. Curious about protecting… Read more »

Questions To Ask About Teeth Whitening

You may know that your goal is to receive teeth whitening for a brighter looking smile. You may even be certain that you are prepared for cosmetic dentistry because you have been keeping up with your oral health, so you are not in need of any restorative care. However, you may still have some particular… Read more »

Floss Choices: Adventures In Dental Hygiene

Do you feel like your trek down the dental hygiene aisle is something that you avoid at all costs? What seems to be the problem? Is it the fact that you have the best of intentions to grab any dental floss that should work just fine – but you end up overwhelmed with choices (and… Read more »

Brushing Questions: Lightning Round

What to do when you have some simple questions about your dental hygiene sessions but you are pretty unhappy with the variety of answers you find online? Skip the Internet search and ask us, of course! By seeking out other not-so-certain sources for oral health questions, you may find yourself feeling more confused, rather than… Read more »

Can You Name Your Gum Disease?

Would you consider gum disease a serious concern? Many people may believe it a trivial matter, but various forms of the disease affect over 80% of adults in America. Gum disease is also the number one cause of adult tooth loss, but its destruction extends even beyond your teeth and their supporting structures. To help… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Quiz: Should I Feel Bad About This?

Have you found yourself with quite a guilty conscience because of sleep apnea? Maybe you are feeling bad about the fact that we have suggested sleep apnea treatment for you. For instance, you may assume that this is something you should be able to treat and rid yourself of all on your own. When it… Read more »

What Should I Think About Tongue Changes?

Did you recently notice that your tongue does not look like it usually does? In some instances, a change in the appearance of your tongue can be a warning sign that you’re suffering from an underlying oral health issue. In others, it’s an annoying change but a harmless change nonetheless. Curious about particular symptoms and… Read more »

Q&A: ADA Seal Of Acceptance

Do you consistently read and hear that you should check out the package of the product you’re purchasing for your dental hygiene to make sure it boasts the ADA Seal of Acceptance? If you were curious about whether or not this is a legitimate claim, in fact it is! However, you may also wonder how… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Why You Need A Consultation

Are you curious about why we suggest you schedule a consultation with us when you are interested in receiving cosmetic dentistry? You may wonder why you cannot simply call us up, let us know you would like to schedule teeth whitening, and then show up for your transformation. When it comes to making sure we… Read more »