Your Smile And Your Body

Are you typically of the assumption that the health of your smile really has no impact on the many systems of your body? Do you figure that as long as you eventually deal with oral health issues, you can achieve a healthy smile (the effects of which may simply include discomfort, restorative care, and some costly dental work)? If so, you may want to begin considering what we are talking about when we discuss oral-systemic health. Your oral health is actually closely connected with your overall physical wellbeing. Consider some shocking information.

Bad Oral Health Can Spread

We place emphasis on considering your oral-systemic health because it may help you become more dedicated to keeping your smile in check. As a result, you will not need to worry about the inflammation-causing bacteria within your mouth (such as p. gingivalis, known to cause periodontal disease) to make their way beyond your mouth. Unfortunately, when these bacteria gain access to the rest of your tissues, they may promote disease.

The Mouth And Body Connection

When bad oral bacteria make their way into your body’s other tissues (for instance, bleeding gum tissue may provide a doorway for bacteria to slip into your blood circulation), they can aggravate other tissues – not just your teeth and gums. The chance of experiencing diseases commonly associated with inflammation like Alzheimer’s and dementia (even stroke and heart disease) greatly increase when gum disease is present. While the significance of oral-systemic health is still being researched, keeping your smile clean and healthy is always your safest option.