Q&A: Tooth Cracks 

How familiar are you with different types of tooth cracks? Chances are pretty good that you don’t know much about this topic at all. As a result, if you notice a crack in your tooth, you may have a hard time deciding whether you need emergency care, restorative care for your cracked tooth, or if the problem is actually nothing to worry about whatsoever. To gain a better handle on the ways cracks may affect your teeth, we encourage you to browse through a beneficial question and answer session.

Q&A: Teeth Cracks

Question: What if my tooth looks cracked but it feels completely fine? Is it normal to have a barely visible crack in my tooth?

Answer: The crack you may be seeing in your tooth is called a craze line. This is a fine crack that will not cause any harm. However, if may be unsightly and something you wish to address. Rather than visiting us for restorative care, you may come in for a cosmetic consultation – we may hide craze lines if they bother you.

Question: How do I know if I need restorative care for a cracked tooth?

Answer: A tooth that requires significant care, rather than cosmetic dentistry, will likely come with apparent symptoms. When you fracture or crack the tooth tissue to the extent that it needs repair, you will notice discomfort, sensitivity, and chewing will likely be quite uncomfortable. Visit us right away if this occurs.

Question: What if I suffer a severe crack in my tooth? Will you need to remove it?

Answer: In instances in which the crack runs quite deep – down into the roots of your tooth – you may not be able to rely on restorative care alone. However, an extraction is not necessarily the best option. We may suggest root canal treatment to save the tooth or other endodontic treatment to rescue your tooth before infection occurs.