Q&A: Implant Dentures

Are you starting to think about making an exciting change for your smile? For patients currently wearing dentures or considering them, stepping up to wearing implant dentures to replace missing teeth is a big decision. As you know, the benefits that come with this choice are many – not only will you enjoy a beautiful smile, but you will be able to chew and speak without worrying about your prosthetic budging. While the advantages sound good, you may still have some questions about implant support – allow us to provide you with answers.

Q&A: Implant-Supported Dentures

Question: Can I just place my current dentures over dental implants if I choose to move forward with this change?

Answer: No. We will provide you with brand new dentures that are made to fit securely over the implants. Unlike traditional dentures, your new prosthetics will be crafted with special openings to sit over the implants.

Question: If I qualify for traditional dentures does that mean I will automatically qualify for implant dentures?

Answer: No. Most patients qualify for traditional dentures because they are completely noninvasive. However, dental implants require surgery and the presence of a healthy jawbone. To determine candidacy, simply schedule a visit with our team.

Question: Will I receive “fixed” implant dentures that stay in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Or will they be removable?

Answer: This depends upon your needs. For some, we may suggest a fixed prosthetic. For others, we may suggest dentures that you may remove on your own for easy cleaning. Speak with us during a consultation, so we can guide you toward the best solution.