Q&A: Are You Using The Right Toothbrush?

How do you feel about your toothbrush? Do you think it is helping you protect your oral health for a smile that looks and feels extremely healthy? Or, are you worried that you could be making a better decision but you don’t know what types of changes to make? Take a moment to consider some potentially helpful questions and answers (and remember to bring up your concerns during your preventive visits).

Questions and Answers: Your Toothbrush

Question: When I choose a toothbrush at the drugstore, I notice there are different firmness levels for the bristles. Does it matter which one I choose?

Answer: Yes, the firmness of the bristles is very important. We always recommend that our patients choose soft bristles to protect their oral health. You see, the softer bristles will clean away plaque and debris without harming your teeth. Firmer bristles can end up abrading your enamel or causing gum irritation.

Question: What if I’m interested in choosing an electric toothbrush? Is this a good decision?

Answer: Yes, an electric toothbrush versus a manual one is a wonderful decision. They both offer protection for your oral health. However, an electric brush may provide hundreds or thousands of additional strokes during brushing, which means less effort and more plaque removal.

Question: If I find the right toothbrush, should I keep using the same one without replacing it? Is there a way to keep it in good condition?

Answer: It’s a good idea to repurchase the same model if you like it. However, you should not use the exact same brush without replacing it for a period lasting longer than three months. If you are worried that you will not be able to find the one you like for repurchase, we suggest buying in multiples so you have backups.