Preventive Dentistry For Your … Body?

You know that we always recommend you come in to see us for your preventive dentistry visit every six months. You are likely also very aware that we suggest you rely on prevention because it is easier, less frustrating, and more cost-effective than waiting for problems to arise that will require restorative care. Yet, are you familiar with the way preventive care protects both your oral health as well as your entire body? If not, learn a bit more about oral-systemic health for some interesting insight.

Prevention For Your Mouth

First, let’s begin with the basics by building on the knowledge you already have. Over time, you have learned that you need preventive dentistry because it will help you avoid oral diseases, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. These issues can destroy tooth tissue, inflame your gums, and lead to physical damage and infection. Inhibiting these problems from occurring is as simple as brushing your teeth every day, flossing your smile every day, and seeing us two times a year for preventive cleanings and checkups. Remain committed and your oral health remains intact.

Prevention For Your Body

Now, you understand how to keep your mouth healthy with preventive dentistry – but have you ever considered how far-reaching the consequences may become if you don’t? We will explore the way your oral health affects your overall health (which we refer to as oral-systemic health) by focusing on periodontal disease.

When plaque is given time to accumulate in your mouth, some of its bacteria will inflame your gum tissue – this may lead to infection, discolored gums, and bleeding gums (generally when you brush or floss). Did you know that the bacteria may make their way into your bloodstream when your gums bleed? Unfortunately, just as the bacteria inflame your gum tissue, they may inflame other areas of your body, which may increase your chances of developing dementia, diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases linked to inflammation.