Food & Wine Festival  

There’s nothing quite like the extraordinary experience of getting to indulge in a vast array of tempting delicacies and delicious wine – all at once, we might add! If you’re quite a foodie (or simply love the chance to sample a ton of different foods from local restaurants, distilleries, and more) then make some time for this upcoming event.

The Event

This is the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival, taking place over the course of several days, which will include a variety of events (like a barbecue showdown or desserts after dark experience). You will enjoy an almost overwhelming spectrum of food, wine, beer, and more. The proceeds of this experience will benefit students seeking careers in the culinary arts.

Where It Takes Place

The event will take place at a variety of venues in Fort Worth.

When You May Attend

You may attend this festival (which includes multiple individual events) from March 31, 2016 until April 3, 2016.

Price of Admission

Admission varies according to the particular event or events you wish to attend. Individuals tickets begin at $45 per person. An all-events VIP pass costs $350 per person. Check out the events page for ticket, date, and time information.

Invite List

This event is appropriate for individuals 21 years of age and up.

Additional Details

For more information, take a closer look at the festival’s website.