Dental Implants: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you thinking about scheduling a consultation with us to discuss dental implants? We are always happy to sit down and talk about your options for addressing tooth loss. Implants, of course, provide a long list of wonderful benefits for patients seeking tooth replacement. However, before you come in for an appointment, we encourage you to ask yourself a few questions, so you are prepared to discuss the best way to restore your smile.

Question #1: What’s My Budget Like?

It’s important to have an honest discussion with yourself – and us – about your budget. Receiving implants requires a larger initial investment than other options, so it is necessary to consider how you feel about your immediate finances. Keep in mind, while other replacement options will require repairs or replacements every five years or so, your implants may continue to last for a lifetime, making them overall quite cost-effective.

Question #2: How Do I Feel About The Recovery Process?

Are you comfortable with the idea of a long-term process? If you want immediate results, you will need to speak with us about a dental bridge or denture. Otherwise, if you are excited about the end results, you will need to feel comfortable with a process that requires surgery and then several months to a year until the replacement is complete.

Question #3: Am I Fit For Surgery?

Are you aware that you will likely not qualify for surgery? If so, it is important to take a step back and consider alternative tooth replacement options other than dental implants. An implant is the only answer to tooth loss that will require a surgical procedure. Solutions like dental bridges and dentures do not.