3 Ways Sleep Apnea Makes You Feel

You are likely aware that sleep apnea will interrupt your sleep on a nightly basis, which can lead to significant exhaustion. You probably also know that the nightly episodes you experience, which include waking and gasping, may not only wake you but may also wake a significant other who shares your bed. However, have you given much thought to the way this sleep disorder may make you feel aside from simply “tired” – or do you focus more on the technical aspects of lost sleep and a need for sleep apnea treatment? Consider a bit more regarding the emotional repercussions and your urgency to seek treatment may increase.

#1: Guilty

Are you waking up a person who sleeps next to you every night? If so, you will quickly discover that the longer you wait to seek sleep apnea treatment for yourself, the longer your partner is going to experience the same problems impacting your everyday life. After all, you are both being woken up hundreds of times each night. As a result, you may experience feelings of guilt when you recognize you are the cause of your significant other’s exhaustion, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and more.

#2: Worried

We suggest sleep apnea treatment because this sleep disorder can affect your life in a wide variety of ways – none of which will benefit you. Unfortunately, when you ignore the problem, it will cause you to feel quite worried. You may worry about your relationships, particularly if you have become moody. You may worry about your job and your income if you have been having trouble keeping up at work. You might even worry that you are going to feel tired for the rest of your life.

#3: Depressed

Unfortunately, the consistent fatigue that comes with sleep apnea may also lead to feeling depressed. Your brain needs sleep, so you can feel rested, energized, and capable of engaging with life on a daily basis. Seek treatment, so you can regain your happy disposition once again.