3 Tips To Eradicate Bad Breath

Are you dealing with bad breath? This is often a very frustrating experience, particularly when you cannot seem to get the smelly problem to go away. Couple this with the need to improve your breath (perhaps you have a date or interview quickly approaching) and you may find yourself in dire need of helpful advice. Lucky for you, we are ready to offer up a few helpful tips to eradicate the foul odor emanating from your mouth. Remember, if all else fails, come in for a visit, so we can provide you with an effective solution.

Tip #1: Avoid The Pungent Foods

Very smelly foods tend to leave their mark long after you have consumed them. As a result, if you notice your bad breath persists (or you have an event coming up for which you would like to smell fresh), skip the extremely smelly foods for a bit. Common culprits include garlic and onions.

Tip #2: Ramp Up That Preventive Care

If you’re dealing with yucky breath, you may simply be overlooking an essential aspect of your preventive care. Bacteria left to hang around in your mouth will cause a smelly situation. Make sure you are brushing two times every day. Floss at least once every day (bacteria between teeth can contribute to halitosis). Brush your tongue daily (bacteria hide there, too). And, of course, schedule your dental cleanings two times a year, so we can remove final traces of plaque that lead to bad breath (and problems like gingivitis that cause a foul odor, as well).

Tip #3: Moisten Your Mouth

Did you know that a dry mouth is commonly the cause of bad breath? Unfortunately, as bacteria have the chance to multiply without the presence of enough saliva to wash them away, they give off some very unpleasant smells. Drink more water to keep your mouth moist. Chew gum in a pinch to increase saliva flow. This is often all it takes.