3 Reasons Your Teeth Look Stained

Are you quite careful about the foods you eat and keeping up with your dental hygiene? If so, you may find it increasingly disheartening if your smile looks discolored and stays that way. In most instances, patients assume they are doing something wrong and feel somewhat defeated. Good news: Poor oral hygiene can certainly lead to yellowed or darkened smiles. However, this is only one possible culprit. If you’re consistent with your hygiene and wonder why you need cosmetic care, allow us to help. We are prepared to explain a few reasons your teeth may look stained that have nothing to do with daily brushing.

Reason #1: You Have Metal Fillings

Do you have metal fillings? You can generally see them through your teeth (resulting in a grey-looking tooth) because your dental tissue is not opaque – it’s slightly translucent. What you need is not cosmetic care like whitening or veneers. You simply need white fillings in place of the metal versions.

Reason #2: You’re Taking Certain Medications

Unfortunately, the side effects of certain medications (like the antibiotic tetracycline) can include deep staining, something we refer to as “intrinsic stains.” As a result, no amount of brushing or even traditional teeth whitening will be able to clear away the discoloration. Instead, we generally suggest porcelain veneers to camouflage the problem, so you end up with a beautiful smile.

Reason #3: You’re Another Year Older

What begins as a white, immaculate smile in your youth is something that will, over time, develop stains. Your teeth are porous, which means the molecules that cause stains penetrate your teeth – they’re not simply resting on top of your teeth for you to brush away. You will find that some amount of brushing will prevent significant staining but it will generally not completely stop it from happening (and it will definitely not erase all signs). In many cases, natural aging is the only reason you find yourself in need of cosmetic care. Fortunately, teeth whitening usually addresses this concern.