Month: March 2016

Protect Growing Smiles With Nutrition

As the end of March – also known as National Nutrition Month – comes to its final days, we encourage you to consider how important it is to ensure your child eats right. Are you wondering what effect diet has on your little one’s smile and what you can do to make sure you’re doing… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Teeth Look Stained

Are you quite careful about the foods you eat and keeping up with your dental hygiene? If so, you may find it increasingly disheartening if your smile looks discolored and stays that way. In most instances, patients assume they are doing something wrong and feel somewhat defeated. Good news: Poor oral hygiene can certainly lead… Read more »

2 Ways You’re Making Bruxism/TMJ Worse

You may wonder what you are doing to make your bruxism or TMJ disorder worse. Unfortunately, when you overlook these missteps, you will find that your jaw joints continue to ache and your grinding and clenching continues to cause problems for your smile – even if you are receiving oral appliance therapy. Rather than work… Read more »

Your Smile And Your Body

Are you typically of the assumption that the health of your smile really has no impact on the many systems of your body? Do you figure that as long as you eventually deal with oral health issues, you can achieve a healthy smile (the effects of which may simply include discomfort, restorative care, and some… Read more »

Functional Disorders: What Are They?

Have you been told that you are suffering from a functional disorder when it comes to your oral health but you don’t really understand what this means? Fortunately, this typically suggests that we can offer you effective therapy to improve whatever disorder and discomfort you are dealing with. For a thorough explanation, please voice your questions… Read more »

Q&A: Implant Dentures

Are you starting to think about making an exciting change for your smile? For patients currently wearing dentures or considering them, stepping up to wearing implant dentures to replace missing teeth is a big decision. As you know, the benefits that come with this choice are many – not only will you enjoy a beautiful… Read more »

3 Tips To Eradicate Bad Breath

Are you dealing with bad breath? This is often a very frustrating experience, particularly when you cannot seem to get the smelly problem to go away. Couple this with the need to improve your breath (perhaps you have a date or interview quickly approaching) and you may find yourself in dire need of helpful advice…. Read more »

Food & Wine Festival  

There’s nothing quite like the extraordinary experience of getting to indulge in a vast array of tempting delicacies and delicious wine – all at once, we might add! If you’re quite a foodie (or simply love the chance to sample a ton of different foods from local restaurants, distilleries, and more) then make some time… Read more »

Quiz: Tired Of Root Canal Treatment?

Are you tired of coming in to see us for root canal treatment? The contributing factor in most cases (aside from accidental trauma) is your dental hygiene. Keep in mind, bacteria can make their way into your tooth through the tiniest openings, so even a small crack that you are unaware of may lead to… Read more »

Dental Implants: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you thinking about scheduling a consultation with us to discuss dental implants? We are always happy to sit down and talk about your options for addressing tooth loss. Implants, of course, provide a long list of wonderful benefits for patients seeking tooth replacement. However, before you come in for an appointment, we encourage you to… Read more »