When Restorative Care Turns Cosmetic

Have you ever spent time considering the differences between cosmetic and restorative dentistry? You know that cosmetic care focuses on making your smile look lovelier, while restorative care focuses on repairing your oral health. While cosmetic assistance typically does not offer any health-related benefits – isn’t it possible that restorations may lead to cosmetic improvement? Of course! Now, for a clearer understanding of when this may happen, consider a couple examples.

You Receive A Porcelain Crown

Perhaps you have damaged your tooth significantly as the result of an accident while you were participating in team sports – or maybe you have a cavity that has become quite large. Whatever the case, we offer gorgeous porcelain dental crowns. This restorative dentistry treatment will cover your tooth, protect it, and restore missing structure and function. Fortunately, the esthetic value of this restoration will also fix (or improve) the way your tooth looks, offering cosmetic benefits.

You Receive A White Filling

When you’re missing tissue in your tooth due to a cavity, we will use a dental filling to remove the decayed tissue and fill the opening. Rather than rely on metal (which may darken your tooth), we use composite, which will be matched to your tooth’s natural shade. The result? We repair your oral health and the beauty of your tooth. In some cases, patients with old amalgam fillings may replace their restorations with white fillings strictly for cosmetic purposes.

You Replace Teeth

Are you suffering from tooth loss? Restorative dentistry will replace missing teeth, which allows you to eat and speak comfortably again. Thanks to the use of beautiful prosthetics, such as bridges, dentures, or dental implants, your smile will appear just as wonderful as it feels.