Root Canal Therapy: Comfort Q&A

Are you feeling completely confused because you would like to let us treat your infected tooth but you have heard scary stories about root canals? The good news here is that though you might have been the recipient of some tall tales, we are ready to offer instant clarification. In actuality, root canal therapy is comfortable and promotes the long-term comfort and health of your smile. Look over some questions and answers for factual information about what to expect.

Q&A: Root Canal Comfort

Question: Why do people say root canal therapy is painful if it’s actually quite comfortable? I don’t understand.

Answer: When a patient shows up for a root canal, their tooth is likely already very uncomfortable – this is due to the infection and inflammation occurring within the tooth. As a result, the memory of the entire experience includes the severe discomfort that was already occurring when the patient arrived. Remember – we provide this restorative treatment to end your pain.

Question: How do I know my root canal therapy will be comfortable?

Answer: First, the treatment will not even begin until we have ensured the oral tissues at the target site (and surrounding) are thoroughly numb. We will accomplish this with the use of local anesthetic. In addition, if you feel anxious about treatment, we will be happy to discuss providing nitrous oxide for a tranquil procedure.

Question: If root canal therapy isn’t uncomfortable then why do people avoid them with such intensity?

Answer: For the most part, the major complaint we hear from patients includes the amount of time spent in the chair. Unlike a dental filling, which is quite efficient, a root canal requires a lengthier visit, which can cause a patient to feel restless. We suggest asking about sedation, so the time seems to pass much more quickly.