Q&A: Are Veneers The Right Choice?

When you learn that porcelain veneers can improve most cosmetic problems, it’s often easy to assume they’re the treatment for you. In many instances, though they offer exceptional benefits, veneers are simply not necessary. You will find that you can sometimes address particular issues with one or multiple cosmetic treatments for a more budget-friendly and efficient approach to quick fixes. Find out more with a friendly Q&A session.

Q&A: Do You Need Veneers?

Question: Can I cover up a crack with a porcelain veneer? Or, do I need something restorative for this kind of problem?

Answer: If your crack is a minor issue that is solely esthetic in nature, then you may choose a veneer – or, we may camouflage the problem with dental bonding. However, if the crack affects your tooth’s health, we will suggest restorative treatment, which may include a dental crown.

Question: I want to fill a gap between two of my teeth, while shortening one of the two teeth (one is longer than the other). Should I pursue porcelain veneers or is there a simpler option?

Answer: You can rely solely on bonding to fill the space and contouring to shorten the too-long tooth. Unless you are wishing to makeover your entire smile, bonding and contouring will help you address this isolated issue.

Question: I want to whiten my smile because of some serious staining – I’ve been told in the past that whitening will not address the discoloration because it is deep. Should I choose veneers? I would like to whiten as much of my smile as I can.

Answer: In this case, yes – veneers will make a wonderful solution. For isolated stains, we often suggest bonding. For allover discoloration, veneers offer a wonderful solution for deep staining.