Do You Want A Smile Makeover?

If you ask a friend if she would like to makeover her smile, chances are good she’ll say, “Sure!” Do you feel like you might have a similar response? Are you considering a smile makeover because you are struggling with significant esthetic issues with your grin – or does it simply sound like an exciting way to improve your appearance? Do yourself a quick favor and consider whether a makeover is for you, what you can expect, and whether alternative treatments may better address your goals.

What Do You Dislike?

What exactly do you dislike about your smile? During your cosmetic consultation with us, we can get a handle on the bigger picture when it comes to your feelings about your smile’s appearance. In some instances, we may discover that you do not necessarily require a smile makeover but a treatment or two to address concerns that are detrimental to the uniformity of your grin. Or, we will determine that a makeover is, in fact, best suited to your needs. We may then move forward with a care plan that targets the unique issues you have been facing.

Common Reasons For A Makeover

You may want a smile makeover for your smile but are having a hard time telling us why. Consider some common complaints, so you can more effectively communicate your feelings and hopes for the future of your smile:

  • Gum Shape Problems: You may want to let us know you have concerns about your gum tissue if you feel your teeth look “squatty,” if you feel your smile is “gummy,” or if you want a more symmetrical look.
  • Tooth Shape Problems: This may include a variety of concerns, from the length of your teeth, the width (potentially including gaps), or the general shape and contour.
  • Shade Problems: Wish your smile was whiter? So do most patients – remember to mention this during your consultation.