Cosmetic Care: 2 Reasons To Wait

Are you thinking about coming in to speak with us about cosmetic care? If so, it’s always good to take stock of your entire situation before you decide to give the green light for treatment. While we always encourage patients to strive to achieve their smile goals, we also urge patients to think to the future. If cosmetic dentistry is something that would best suit your smile further down the road, then waiting a little while is your best option. Learn more about a couple reasons you might need to pause just a bit longer before the cosmetic treatments begin.

Reason #1: Your Smile Is Unhealthy

If you are already aware that you probably need some restorative dentistry treatments like dental fillings, it is essential that you first meet with us to take care of your oral health. Addressing the beauty of your smile without first focusing on its health will yield cosmetic care that is either ineffective or quickly damaged. First, let’s improve your smile’s health – then we can make the esthetic changes you want.

Reason #2: You’re Considering Orthodontics

If you are considering orthodontic care for your smile, you should wait on the cosmetic care. You see, if your alignment issues are not strictly cosmetic, shifting teeth into a proper position for an aligned bite is essential. In addition to looking more beautiful, your smile will be protected from problems like bruxism and TMJ disorder. These are concerns you cannot address with cosmetic fixes like bonding or veneers (even though they may cause your smile to look more uniform). Then, if you find that there are aspects beyond your alignment that require esthetic improvements, we can make any final alterations to your smile with cosmetic treatments (such as whitening), so you feel you’ve enjoyed a true smile makeover.