3 Ways To Prevent A Dental Emergency

In most instances, a dental emergency occurs without warning – there’s no reason to beat yourself up feeling as though you could have prevented the problem. However, there are other emergencies that happen that are actually quite simple to avoid. Though you may not currently have the foresight to prepare for these issues, we are happy to help by offering up a few helpful ways to keep accidents from affecting your oral health. Remember, however, that if sudden issue does arise, we are here to provide emergency dental care when you need us.

#1: Wear A Sports Mouthguard

A very common dental emergency occurs as the result of an accidental sports injury. Any trauma to the mouth (from an elbow, hand, ball, or other athletic equipment) can quickly result in trauma like a broken tooth or even a knocked-out tooth. The good news is that wearing a mouthguard will offer immense protection against impact-related emergencies.

#2: Treat Problems Right Away

Guess what else causes a sudden dental emergency? The decision to avoid our suggestions for restorative care. What may begin as a cavity that requires a filling can slowly (or quickly) develop into a severely decayed tooth that breaks one day – or, an infection that seems to show up out of nowhere, while resulting in significant discomfort. If we suggest a filling, crown, or otherwise, schedule it right away to avoid unpleasant surprises.

#3: If The Food Is Too Hard – Don’t Eat It

Trust your instincts. If you are planning on biting into a hard cookie that seems too hard to break with your teeth – chances are good you are right and it’s your tooth that will end up broken. Avoid anything that may damage your smile to decrease the likelihood of a dental emergency.