3 Reasons Your Smile Is Asymmetrical

Are you feeling fed up with the way your smile looks, not because of its color or any particular type of esthetic damage, but because it simply looks asymmetrical? Have you spent time attempting to figure out what the underlying problem is but you have not come to a solid conclusion regarding what’s wrong or what type of cosmetic treatment you need to improve your grin? Allow us to offer our assistance by explaining a few reasons that your smile might not look its most balanced.

Reason #1: Uneven Gum Tissue

Sometimes the problem has nothing to do with the length or alignment of your teeth but it has everything to do with your gum tissue. You see, even a straight smile with an even smile line can appear off-balance if your gum tissue is unevenly distributed (perhaps you have more gum tissue on one side than the other). Fortunately, we may address and improve this issue with a cosmetic treatment called gum contouring.

Reason #2: Uneven Tooth Lengths

When you are certain gum contouring is not what you need and you have taken a close look at the length of your teeth, you may recognize that it is – in fact – the line of your smile that is “off.” The corresponding teeth on either side of your smile are not the same length or it looks as though you have a lot of different lengths going on. We can address these issues with cosmetic treatments. We may suggest contouring to reduce teeth, bonding to lengthen teeth, or veneers for a comprehensive improvement.

Reason #3: Misaligned Teeth

Are your teeth poorly aligned? You may simply require orthodontic care, such as braces or Realine treatment, to shift teeth into a balanced, symmetrical pattern.