3 Reasons To Embrace Whitening

Are you coming up with a long list of reasons to just let your smile continue to look the way it currently looks (even though you’re not happy)? Is the main problem that you’re facing discoloration, which has caused you to display a yellowed, darkened, dim, or inconsistently colored smile? No matter – whatever is causing you to run from the benefits of teeth whitening, we suggest you slow down for a moment and consider the facts. Think over a few reasons to embrace this cosmetic treatment and you might find yourself ready for a much more vibrant smile.

Reason #1: It Won’t Hurt You

When we say that teeth whitening won’t hurt you, we mean this in a couple ways. First, we will make sure your soft tissues are safe, so you don’t need to worry about discomfort during treatment. In addition, the formula is safe for your teeth. Unlike relying on over-the-counter options that can lead to pain and damage, professional systems will actually keep your teeth out of harm’s way.

Reason #2: It’s Fast

You can whiten your teeth really fast with an in-office treatment, if you wish. This will require just about an hour to reveal a smile several shades whiter – perfect if you’re in a hurry and worry you don’t have time to achieve the results you want. Or, over the course of only a couple weeks, you can whiten at home with brief daily wear.

Reason #3: The Difference Will Be Noticeable

First, relying on teeth whitening for a brighter smile will provide you with a more youthful appearance – removing stains naturally causes your teeth to appear younger. Next, rest assured – the people who you come into contact with after your treatment will see the difference (and so will you). This is not a subtle transformation!