2 Surprising Tips For Better Brushing

Are you fully certain you’re choosing the right toothbrush and that you’re making a solid approach with your dental hygiene? However, is there some nagging feeling in the back of your mind that leaves you curious about whether you still have some room for improvement? Leave these details to us – remember that we are always pleased to provide you with answers to specific questions during your visits. For now, take a moment to consider a couple informative and helpful tips.

Tip #1: Leave The Lights Off

We find that some patients feel frustrated with their nightly dental hygiene routine. This primarily affects individuals who get into bed quite late – or who tend to fall asleep on the sofa before getting up, brushing their teeth, and crawling into bed. If this speaks to your nightly experience and you find that brushing your teeth “wakes you up” (so falling asleep after teeth brushing is a challenge), consider this tip: Leave the lights off in the bathroom. You may wish to purchase a dim lamp or nightlight for just enough light to see. However, turning on bright overhead lights can trick your brain into assuming it is daytime, which takes an obvious toll on your ability to end up in dreamland.

Tip #2: Don’t Brush In The Shower

What are you doing in the morning when you perform your dental hygiene routine? Are you brushing in the shower? This can cause you to rush – and may end up sabotaging your decision to floss. Are you not brushing in the shower, but you are checking your phone for texts and emails or quickly reading the morning news as you brush? Believe it or not, distractions may keep you from brushing for the full required two minutes and may result in incomplete brushing. Stand in front of your sink, avoid distractions, and give your smile the attention it needs.