Questions About Gum Contouring? We Got Answers!

You have several options to choose from when it comes to improving your teeth (depending on what your cosmetic concerns are, exactly). But what about your gums? Even if your teeth are as bright and healthy as can be, their appearance is influenced by the gum line that frames them.

When you have excessive or uneven gum tissues – commonly referred to as a gummy smile – you can improve your entire smile’s appearance by correcting your gum line with cosmetic gum contouring.

What can gum contouring do for my smile?

Gum contouring describes the artistic reshaping of your gum line, making it more symmetrical to better accentuate your beautiful, healthy smile. The procedure can boost your confidence by significantly improving your smile’s overall appearance, and in some cases, boost your oral health by reducing the risks of gum recession and disease.

What is laser gum contouring?

Traditional gum contouring is performed with a scalpel, and can therefore be considered minor surgery. While effective, surgical gum contouring can requires sutures afterwards, and healing may take several weeks.

With laser gum contouring, we can perform the same procedure with enhanced precision and with less trauma to your gum tissues. The laser accelerates the healing process by cauterizing the tissues it passes over, and sutures are typically not needed once laser gum contouring is completed.

What if I have gum disease?

Gum disease is a serious infection in your gums caused by excessive oral bacteria, and leads to noticeable tissue inflammation. If the disease is present, then your dentist may recommend periodontal cleaning and treatment before considering gum contouring.