Dental Extractions Q&A

Have you recently been diagnosed with an oral health problem that warrants a dental extraction? If so, you may find yourself going through a slew of emotions. What begins as a sigh of relief – you can save your dental health, after all – may turn into concern regarding what to expect from extractions. Fortunately, this treatment is easy to understand and can greatly benefit your smile. Learn a bit more about why you can feel confident about tooth removal with helpful questions and answers.

Questions and Answers: Extractions

Question: What is a dental extraction?

Answer: An extraction is just like it sounds – we will remove your tooth through a simple procedure. After gently loosening your tooth from its socket, we will then carefully take the tooth out of its resting place with forceps. You will then quickly recover.

Question: Will a dental extraction hurt?

Answer: No, you do not need to worry about your extraction feeling uncomfortable. We begin by numbing the tooth in question, as well as tissue surrounding the tooth, so you do not experience discomfort. Our goal is always to make sure you feel relaxed during your dental care.

Question: Why do I need an extraction?

Answer: You may need a dental extraction for one or more of a wide variety of reasons, which may include the following:

  • Your tooth has been damaged beyond repair, so we must remove it
  • You want to remove a tooth that is in the way of your chosen dental prosthetic
  • Your tooth is severely decayed and/or too infected for root canal treatment
  • You need a problematic wisdom tooth removed to protect your smile