Dental Emergency Tips

Do you think you are completely prepared to deal with a dental emergency if it arises? Are you aware that we offer emergency care when a dental problem happens out of the blue? We do! While this is usually greatly relieving news to our patients, it’s important that you have prepared to take advantage of this option should you find yourself in need. Consider some helpful tips to improve the ease with which you visit us for emergency care.

Tip #1: Have A Plan

If you have no plan for a sudden dental emergency – or even a medical emergency – you might find yourself feeling much more stressed and potentially stranded. Are you the type of person who can remain calm, get in the car, and drive on over to our dental practice? If not, create a plan with a close friend, so you have an emergency contact if a problem occurs.

Tip #2: Organize Our Information

Do you have our phone number and address memorized? If not, we suggest you commit the details to memory (if you’re certain you won’t forget) or organize the details in some other fashion. Whether you carry our information around in your wallet, tablet, or cell phone – just make sure it’s handy.

Tip #3: Focus On The Goal

If you focus too much on the problem – which might be something very unexpected like a broken tooth – you can find yourself becoming quite upset. We suggest focusing on the end goal instead, which is making it to our office, so we can help with your dental emergency. Put your energy into the visit, so you can remember we will take care of you once you arrive.