Can I Improve My Tooth Shape?

Do you like your smile in general but know you would love your smile if you could just improve the shape of that awkward tooth? Perhaps you’re unhappy with widespread issues with tooth shape that result in a lack of uniformity. Whatever the case, you will be happy to learn we can address tooth shape with cosmetic dentistry. Become more familiar with your potential solutions by learning more about cosmetic treatments. Then, of course, give us a call so we can get you started on your smile improvement journey.

You May Remove Tissue

Keep in mind that we may use one or multiple treatments to address your smile concerns. To begin, we offer dental contouring, which allows us to delicately remove small amounts of tooth tissue to “re-contour” or reshape your tooth. This cosmetic dentistry treatment is particularly helpful for problems like teeth that are too long, pointed or jagged teeth, or textural complaints.

You May “Add” Tissue

Fortunately, we can also add what looks like more tooth tissue in areas that need it. Even more good news? You may use this cosmetic dentistry treatment called dental bonding on its own or you may combine it with dental contouring, depending on your needs. To achieve bonding, we use a synthetic resin material called composite that we will match to the color of your teeth (or to the improved shade you need). We will apply it, set it, and polish it to fill spaces, extend a tooth, improve tooth shape, fix chips and cracks, or cover stains.

You May Create A Façade

You may wish to consider the cosmetic dentistry treatment known as porcelain veneers – these are super-thin casings created from multiple layers of porcelain. We can fully customize them before bonding them to your teeth’s visible surfaces. Among other changes, you may alter your tooth shape.