3 Ways To Prepare For A Smile Makeover

Are you certain that you are ready for a smile makeover? If so, you will want to take a few steps to make sure you are fully prepared for this exciting experience in the world of cosmetic dentistry. You see, though you know you want improvements, there is not a universal makeover that we offer everyone. Instead, we provide completely unique treatment to each patient. As a result, it is extremely important that you are fully involved in the process – and ready to speak up about your personal goals.

#1: Jot Down Some Smile Notes

Before you see us to discuss your smile makeover, we suggest you stand in front of the mirror for a bit or look over some pictures. Take a close look at your smile and ask yourself some questions, such as “what do I dislike about my smile?” and “what would I like to improve?” It is also a good idea to ask yourself what you do like about your smile, so we gather a clear sense of the changes you wish to make.

#2: Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation

Next, you will need to schedule a cosmetic consultation to meet with us about your smile. We will listen to your notes or any thoughts you have about your smile makeover and will ask you some of our own questions. Once we come to a meeting of the minds, we can explain your multiple options for treatment combinations and how to best arrive at the finished smile you want.

#3: Remain Vocal During Planning

Remember to speak up as we plan, so the completed product is the smile you have been hoping to achieve. Were you hoping to fill gaps between teeth? Did you want a brighter smile and a more even smile line? Remember to tell us how you are feeling and to ask questions along the way.