3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Cleanings

Do you occasionally find yourself with the urge cancel your upcoming dental cleaning? Perhaps you’re just not in the mood and think to yourself, “I will reschedule soon.” Or, maybe you figure you can skip a cleaning or two without any consequences. Bad news: Skipping cleanings may result in serious (negative) side effects! Great news: We have gathered a few compelling reasons that will motivate you to keep your preventive appointments.

Reason #1: You Can’t Clean Thoroughly On Your Own

If you could brush and floss and remove every trace of plaque and tartar on your own, you would not need professional cleanings. However, you cannot thoroughly remove these bacteria-rich substances from your smile with your home care (even if you are extremely dedicated and precise). During your dental cleaning, we will clean away the buildup that you miss, which promotes good oral health.

Reason #2: They Help Prevent Problems

We don’t have you come see us for cleanings just because we really love making sure your teeth look nice (though we certainly do enjoy helping you achieve a beautiful smile). We suggest twice-annual dental cleanings because they offer exceptional protection against cavity formation as well as the development of gingivitis (which progresses into gum disease), both of which are caused by plaque and tartar buildup.

Reason #3: You Get To Ask Questions

During a cleaning, you have the chance to ask questions, such as “how do I brush my best?” or “what type of toothbrush should I be using?” Anything that has to do with your smile is fair game, so ask away!