Teeth Whitening Q&A Holiday Session

Here you are in December, when the idea of a glittering, winter wonderland landscape fills your every thought! Unfortunately a dim or yellowed smile can stand out in stark contrast to the brilliance of all of that winter snow. Good news – you have a variety of options within reach. Whether you’re interested in achieving a whiter smile immediately or if other questions have been plaguing your mind, we are ready to address your teeth whitening concerns.

Questions and Answers: Teeth Whitening

Question: Is there any way that I can whiten my smile before the end of the month? I was hoping for my teeth to look whiter by the holidays.

Answer: Yes. We offer Zoom! Whitening, which will be performed at our office. This teeth whitening solution will result in a dramatically brighter smile within only an hour. In fact, you can expect a lift of up to eight shades.

Question: What if you determine that my staining is too severe for the usual teeth whitening options? Will I just have to accept my discolored smile as it is?

Answer: In some cases, patients visit us with severe or deep staining that will not respond well enough to whitening. In these instances, we will suggest alternatives like veneers to offer a gorgeous transformation.

Question: I’ve always been worried that at-home teeth whitening won’t offer the dramatic results I want when compared with in-office whitening. Is this true?

Answer: No, we offer at-home whitening that includes custom trays and whitening gel that provides exceptional improvement. However, we do suggest you avoid over-the-counter (OTC) treatments, which can damage your teeth without providing the whitening you want.