Surprising Ways To Avoid Fillings

Have you been wondering if there’s something more you can be doing to avoid tooth decay? Even more important – is your goal in 2016 to avoid the need for dental fillings? If so, you are in luck. In addition to the usual tips, which include dedicated dental hygiene at home every day and scheduling preventive care appointments like clockwork, we have some suggestions. Consider a few surprising ways to avoid fillings and you will require fewer – if any – restorative dentistry visits.

#1: Drink More Water

Are you a fan of soft drinks, juice, or coffee drinks? For the most part, if you are drinking anything other than a glass of milk or water, you are creating an acid environment in your mouth. This leaves enamel weak and highly susceptible to tooth decay. Good news – if you drink water, you will enjoy some serious protection, which will decrease the chance you may need a dental filling. Make water your drink of choice, drink it after meals, rinse your mouth out with it after snacks – it’s always a good plan.

#2: Rinse and Brush After Snacks/Meals

About rinsing and brushing after meals – if you follow this tip correctly, you will enjoy effective protection against tooth decay and the need for a dental filling. First, to rinse away food particles after you eat, swish water around in your mouth. Then, rather than brushing your smile right away, wait for a half an hour. It is safe to brush once this time has elapsed.

#3: Stop Grazing and Sipping

Snacking all day long? Sipping on a coffee drink throughout the day? If so, your teeth remain coated in food particles and sugars all day long, which results in a chronic state of danger. Snack at particular times, rinse then brush, and avoid grazing – your smile will benefit.