Sleep Apnea Holiday Edition

Are you a sufferer of the sleep disorder called sleep apnea? If so, you know that the unpredictability of your nightly sleep can put a damper on the following day (and week, month, etc.). We feel strongly that you schedule a visit to see us right away if you have not already begun sleep apnea treatment. However, for those who are already receiving therapy for improved nightly sleep, we are ready to help you make it through the holidays without too much aggravation – or sleep loss. Prepare for this festive time of year with some simple suggestions.

Keep Up With Therapy

Are you wearing an oral appliance for your sleep apnea treatment? If so, this is not the type of thing we suggest you wear when you feel like it but something you remember every single night. As a result, you can expect comfortable rest and energy that will help you enjoy yourself rather than feel moody or exhausted. For patients planning on going out of town, make sure you put your device on the top of your packing list, so you remember to bring it with you.

Keeping Your Bedtime Is Best

One of the suggestions you will receive when you begin sleep apnea treatment is to attempt to maintain consistency with your nightly sleep. If you happen to be a patient who struggles with falling asleep in addition to dealing with sleep apnea, we suggest you maintain the same bedtime each night. Even if you must endure bit of ribbing from other party goers during holiday events, you will find that adhering to your usual sleep time is extremely beneficial. The same is true for other helpful tendencies, such as relying on a certain pillow, aromatherapy, or otherwise – keep habits as they are for solid sleep.