Noticing Bruxism This Holiday Season?

Have you been wondering about your smile lately because you have noticed some not so run-of-the-mill changes? Did you avoid scheduling care with us because unlike the toothache that usually accompanies tooth decay, this is something quite different? If you are experiencing discomfort in your teeth and sometimes in your jaws, you may require bruxism treatment. Not sure how to figure this out, what to do, or how to make it through the holidays with this lingering issue? We are happy to offer some helpful suggestions.

Ease Discomfort

For immediate discomfort, we always suggest that you do what you can do get out of pain. There is no reason to suffer! For serious pain that shows up in your teeth, jaws, or surrounding tissues, you can achieve immediate relief by relying on over-the-counter pain relievers. For a more natural approach that can also alleviate minor swelling, you may place a cold pack on the area of your face that feels uncomfortable.

See Us Right Away

Contact us immediately if you are experiencing issues like tooth sensitivity, if you have noticed that your chewing surfaces look worn, if you suffer from daily headaches, your jaw feels uncomfortable or tired, or anything else is different within your facial, jaw, or smile area. If it’s not bruxism treatment that you need, you may require therapy for TMJ disorder (TMD, an issue that occurs when your jaw joints are injured or simply failing to function properly). We will suggest oral appliance therapy, which we use for bruxism treatment and TMD treatment. This will either prevent teeth from touching (bruxism includes grinding and clenching) or relax will your jaw joints.